A Deputy Registrar at the Takoradi Technical University and the Faculty Officer for the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Mrs Rebecca Ashieley Clegg, has advised newly appointed staff of the University to uphold the principle of work planning as a gateway to stress-free workflow. Mrs. Clegg who gave the advise in a presentation on annual work plan preparation to newly appointed administrative staff of TTU said the concept of work plan is basically a design of responsibility work chart that makes working easier.

“If you don’t plan, you end up just wondering about hence the need to set yourself timelines. Planning helps one to decide what and when to do it…If you plan well, you execute your work well which is self motivating. It helps you to stay focus and able to make room for extra responsibilities, thus helps you to achieve results. Again this makes you less stressful. It also provides clarity for your work flow, steers you towards your set goals and can help you to truck your targets”, she said.

The Deputy Registrar also challenged the newly administrative staff to be prompt with their expected monthly and quarterly reports.

“Administrators have to submit quarterly report to their faculty heads. Compile each months report so you don’t pile up work by the end of the quarter. You must also move unfulfilled plans to the next month’s report and indicate that you could not do it…There is the need to make references to the annual academic calendar and highlight key areas that pertains to your job specification. You must also keep records of all correspondence to track all communications”, she added.

Touching on the importance of punctuality at work, Deputy Registrar and Faculty Officer at the Faculty of Engineering, Kenneth Boateng reminded the newly appointed administrative staff to dress well and be punctual at all time as it would be considered when the time come for their confirmation.

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