We want to make Accra cleaner and safer by end of 2024 – Henry Quartey


The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, has high hopes that the national capital – Accra, could become cleaner and more congenial by the end of 2024.

This, the Minister says, will collectively be achieved through discipline, decongestion, proper sanitation, security, health and education.

Hon. Quartey was speaking on Citi TV’s, The Point of View program on Wednesday.

“The President gave me the opportunity to serve the people of the Greater Accra Region. But I have seen that congestion, sanitation, indiscipline are problems; how do we tackle that? Coupled with the statement the President made in 2015 that he will make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, that is where I derive the motivation from. So I think we have a duty that by 2024 we must make Accra an enabling environment and the cleanest city”, he said.

While promising to use a multi-sectoral approach to devise means in making sure his vision for the region is realized, the Minister underscored the need to tackle the high level of indiscipline among residents in the region.

“If we are disciplined enough, then we will not throw rubbish in gutters or build at unauthorized areas. If we are disciplined enough, we will not ride motorbikes and not obey traffic regulations.”

Henry Quartey also appealed for a change in attitude in achieving what he termed as a “war against indiscipline”.

Already, the Minister says there is continuous  broad consultation among various stakeholders on future plans for the region.

In his view, the stakeholders’ support he at all times receives is proof that many are satisfied with the level of progress so far.

“There is a vision the President has for the region, so as a servant of the President, we have to ensure that he is able to realize his vision. Various stakeholders have thrown their support behind me. It shouldn’t be seen as political vindictiveness. We need to see how best we can create an enabling environment in Accra for all of us to live in this region”, the Minister noted.

Henry Quartey gave assurances that the efforts to make Accra work again are sustainable and not “a nine-day wonder”.



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