TTU Student representative council donates to the University Health Centre.


The Management of Takoradi Technical University (TTU) in collaboration with the Students Representative Council (SRC), on February 24 2021 presented medical tools and equipment to the school’s medical hospital. This initiative comes after the health director of the university addressed a proposal to the SRC on the lack of equipment at the health center.


















Speaking to the school’s SRC President, Hon. William Segbenu said, the clinical items will serve a great purpose to students and the general public. He also disclosed to Premier News Team that, the money used to purchase all the equipment.

According to Mr. Segbenu, the SRC responded to the health director’s proposal upon weighing all the balances and the Council agreed because it’s want the best for its students and also want them to be safe to receive proper health care while on campus. He also established the fact that, the hospital need all these to be able to facilitate some of its agenda since COVID-19 has become the order of our days.

More so, the medical director of the school’s hospital, Dr. George Owusu shared his joy with the team. He expressed his appreciation to the Council for the interest showed in his proposal to acquire the hospital equipment.

He admonished that, inasmuch as the school’s hospital will be extending its services also to individuals or groups in the metropolis, he (Dr. Owusu) will personally ensure that, the items presented to them, will be put to good use for the benefits of all.

Premier News Team also spoke with the Vice Chancellor (VC) of T.T.U, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun. The VC added that, the clinical items presented to the hospital today, will go a long way to help with the provision of genuine health services to students and the general public who may also need medical attention in future.


The following are the items presented to the University’s Health Centre: 20 Hospital Mattress, 15 Bed Side Locker, 5 Normal Wheel Chair, 10 Drip Stand Big Base, 4 X-Ray View Box, 1 Suction Machine, 3 Mercurial Sphygmomanometer, 4 Examination Couch, 6 Hospital Digital BP Monitor, 8 Ward Screen, 2 Patient Trolley, 4 Trolley 2 Steps, 2 Nebulizer Machine, 1 Microscope, 3 Infrared Thermometer, 6 Littman Stethoscope Adult, and 4 Oxygen Cylinders.











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