Takoradi Technical University to save GHS24,000 with 25KW solar installation


The Takoradi Technical University (TTU) has installed a 25-kilowatt solar power system to power the university’s library with expected annual savings of GHS24,000 on electricity bills.

The $100,000 solar project was facilitated by the Deputy Energy Minister and MP for Effia, Joseph Cudjoe with funding from GREEN ENS Company Limited, a South Korean company.

Deputy Energy Minister and MP for Effia, Joseph Cudjoe

The Vice-Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Professor John Frank Eshun who expressed appreciation to the MP and his partners at the commissioning of the solar project told Citi News the Solar Power System for the university library forms part of its effort to diversify energy sources for the university and also reduce the huge cost of electricity bills.

The Vice-Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Professor John Frank Eshun

“Energy is important in the life of the institution and if you look at our bills, we pay around GHS5 million per year. So the University Council has in the last two years been looking for ways to introduce an energy mix to help save energy and cut costs. This information got to the MP through one of our council members.”

“The Effia MP offered to help which led to him teaming up with Linus Yoo who is the Vice President of GREEN ENS Co Limited of Korean and has today funded and installed this 25 kilowatts solar system. We know besides it helping us sustain continuous power supply for improved academic work, we are likely to also save about GHS24,000 from our GHS5 million annual electricity expenses for other things. We are therefore grateful to the MP and his Korean partners.”

The Deputy Energy Minister, Joseph Cudjoe, who facilitated the solar project told Citi News he intends to support TTU to extend the solar project to other blocks on campus.

Deputy Energy Minister, Joseph Cudjoe

“The motivation is simple. I have been part of this community and have been a lecturer for almost 15 years of my life and I knew the challenges they have so helping the university diversify its power sources has been part of what I’ve always thought about. I have personal experience here. As a lecturer preparing notes one evening at the library, the lights went off. That was also a time when examinations were being conducted and you could see the desperation of students. That evening’s experience stayed with me for a very long time. That’s why I started with the library so that when electricity supply from the main grid is not there, this will always be there to give light any day.”

“The future plan is to collaborate with my Korean partners together with TTU to put the new Oduro Block also on solar power to provide students with more rooms to access regular power supply to study even when there are power supply challenges from the main grid,” he added.

Linus Yoo, Vice President of GREEN ENS Co Limited

The Registrar of TTU, Moses McLean Abnory on behalf of TTU while commending the Vice President of GREEN ENS Co. Limited, Linus Yoo said the Takoradi Technical University has appointed him as the development ambassador for the university.

The 25KW solar power systems with 74PV panels on the Library roof has 2 units of 500Amp hour battery bank and 2 inverter units.

One inverter will feed the ground floor and the first floor whilst the other feeds the second floor housing the electronic library.

It would be maintained by the maintenance section of the University’s Directorate of Works and Physical Development.





Credit: Citi News, Accra



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