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Radio Premier 100.5 FM

Radio Premier 100.5 FM is a campus base radio station on the premises of Takoradi Technical University. The station was set up by the student representative council (SRC) to make it easy for information to reach students in both campus (BU and main campus). It was commissioned in June 2016 and registered under the guideline of NCA as a campus radio station in the region.

It is a non- profit organization that seek to educate, inform, entertain, and advice the natives of this great university and the general public via its air waves. The radio station is governed by an eight member board who chair the affairs management of the radio station and channel their concerns to the vice chancellor of the university.

Our coverage reaches Beposo on the Cape Coast road, Agona area on the Tarkwa road and some part of Nzema on the Axim road.